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Scary Movie (2000)

Dir: Keenan Ivory Wayans

Str: Anna Farris, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Carmen Electra, Shannon Elizabeth

Take the makers of the wonderful spoof film I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, one of the funniest films of its year and a real triumph of imagination and raw stupidity over budget.

Scary Movie (2000) Take the current trend for campus based horror.

Add some nudity and tons of violence. Refer (in an obviously non post-modern way mind you) to the Scream films and I Know What You Did Last Summer . It even gets its name from the original title to Scream.

Mix with all the gross humour that is currently trendy from American Pie and There’s Something About Mary.

Throw in some of The Matrix, a few joints and some Budweiser Waaassuuuppping. Bung in a touch of The Sixth Sense to hit the blockbuster territory.

The result?

A film more financially successful than any of those it seeks to parody with a biiiiiigg sequel in the pipeline (despite the tagline indicating otherwise). The problem is that with the exception of a cum drenched reference to A Nightmare On Elm Street it has a memory block on anything older than five years. It is also the most reprehensible, unfunny pile of tosh in a summer of reprehensible unfunny tosh. Knob gags can be funny, they aren’t here. People spazzing for the camera is such a base reactionary conceit that any further attempts to point at how wretched this piece of filth is is a waste of time and effort.

As funny as getting your nether parts caught in a vaccuum cleaner on super suck. Inexplicably they made a sequel – called (wait for it) Scary Movie 2 . And there’s a third in the pipeline (this time sans Wayans). Stop this madness!