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Books of 2006

Nightwatch – no post-modern irony and wink-at-the-reader knowingness just low-key noir fiction with intrigue and political complexity in contemporary Moscow. With vampires, wizards, impending apocalypse and century long battles between light and darkness, of course.

The End – plenty of post-modern irony and wink-at-the-reader knowingness in a book whose title here means the possible conclusion of a series of children’s adventures by Lemony Snicket featuring post-modern irony and wink-at-the-reader knowingness. A series best read in instalments, just like…

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters – a welcome return to Victorian values as the novel returns to the part-work format. A two-month ten-chapter adventure following the plucky Miss Temple and her disparate companions getting to the bottom of sinister goings on involving mysterious cults and larger-than-life baddies. Why has her fiancé dumped her without explanation? What is the secret of the glass books? And how many people are going to live to tell the tale? Naughtiness and stiff-upper-lipness complement the double crossings, diabolical contraptions and cliff-hanger endings.

Black Juice – strange and unusual short stories that just glimpse into others’ lives.

Bareback – twist on the traditional werewolf story where most of the populous are lycanthrope and our non-lyco heroine is refreshingly down to earth.